Bus toilets, gold toilets, closed toilets and a toilet giveaway

In the first of two bus toilet related stories today, the Edinburgh Evening News, reports on a price hike at Edinburgh bus station, where using the toilets now costs 40 pence. This is ten pence more expensive than “most major Scottish cities and towns”. The injustice smarts even worse when we read that passengers in Stirling and Aberdeen bus stations have access to free toilets in adjacent shopping centres. I will refrain from using the “spend a penny” line that I fear blogging about toilet-related news will force me to read multiple variations of forever more.

Today’s other bus toilet story is another wonderfully local one from the Iceland Monitor, which reports that there will be no toilets on the bus to Akureyri. Akureyri, which the Iceland Monitor tells me is known as the “uncrowned capital of the North” is the second largest city in Iceland and it has been announced that buses on the six-hour journey from Rekjavik to Akureyri will have no “functioning” toilet for the next month. The bus company announced that the “drivers will do their best for passengers”, which is more enigmatic than it is comforting.


A Straeto bus (the company which runs the route from Rekjavik to Akureyri) – it is not clear from the Iceland Monitor whether or not this is a photo of a bus without a “functioning toilet” – from the Iceland Monitor

The headline calls them “gold toilets”, but the photograph begs to differ. Today’s Quartz features a story about a “boutique office” in London (is there anything that can’t be called boutique any more?) with “champagne on demand” and gold toilets, but as you can see from this picture, the toilet clearly isn’t gold. It’s porcelain.


Not a golden toilet, from qz.com

Here at “Today in toilets”, we bring you the truth. The door is impressively golden, as indeed is the toilet brush holder, but no matter how boutique this office, the toilet is no more golden than the one in the Darby Arms in my native Ballincollig.

Wales Online today ran a story on the reaction of Facebook users to the local council’s decision to close seven public toilets. The council has decided to close (after public consultation) the toilets underneath the Grand Pavilion in Porthcawl , at Kenfig National Nature Reserve, Derwen Road, Bridgend, Price Town Square and Blackmill Square in the Ogmore Valley and Pandy Road, Aberkenfig, (roll these placenames around in your mouth; nowhere has names that are more enjoyable to say than Wales does) to the disgust of Facebook users, who want to know if the council are “taking the piss”. Some suggest that citizens should start using the councillors’ own toilets from now on, and others say that the queues at the bus station toilets will now be even longer. (I have a feeling I will be reading and writing a lot about bus stations). The article ends with the opinion of one Facebooker, who isn’t particularly bothered. Apparently the toilets “stench of urine” because the council gave up on them long ago.

Finally today, good news for any readers from West Seattle, as Craigslist is running this ad in the “free stuff” section:

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 01.21.48


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