Unflushable flushables, frozen poo and a toilet of terror

Swindon is facing huge bills in order to pay for clearing sewage blockages, according to this report in the Swindon Advertiser. Since the start of 2015, more than double the number of blockages had to be cleared in comparison to the whole of 2010 and Thames Water is blaming wet wipes, putting out a plea for toilet users not to flush sanitary towels, wet wipes or cotton wool down the toilet. Even if they’re marketed as flushable, it doesn’t mean that they’ll break down. Apparently most domestic sewage pipes only have the “diameter of a cricket ball”, so they’re very easy to block, and the number of sewage floods is on the rise. And apparently there are “sewage flood hotspots” in the SN2 and SN3 postcodes. It doesn’t bear thinking about. In case you haven’t got the message yet, here’s a picture.


Sludgy sewage – think before you flush! (Pic from the Swindon Advertiser)

In other gross news, the Metro reports on a “frozen poo bomb”. A plane flying over a house in Wiltshire released a frozen ball of urine and poo into the air and it came crashing through the roof. Luckily no one was injured, although there is now a hole in the roof. “Keith, 70, said: ‘On our insurance forms do we put “house hit by frozen urine and poo”… will they believe us?’”


The offending poo bomb. (Picture from the Metro)

And to finish, yet another terrifying picture, this time from Gawker. This is a toilet in a luxury apartment in Guadalajara, Mexico. It has a glass floor sitting on top of an old fifteen-storey elevator shaft. I wouldn’t be able to unclench. f3d9eb664f7118fb82ec6ec12c756554


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