The Rest Stop from Hell, Rooftop Toilet Decorations, Toilet of the Year and the Crazy Toilet Cafe

In a report for My9 New Jersey, a “Chasing News” reports about the so-called Rest-Stop from Hell, a motorway service station which was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy three years ago, and where drivers are still using porta-potties because the main building has yet to be re-built. It’s not a very interesting story, but the video that accompanies it is well worth watching, as it’s filmed by a news reporter in the rain on his own iPhone, interviewing elderly people who complain about the lack of toilet paper, and filming himself ranting the inside of the porta-potty. It’s kind of magnetic, and kind of difficult to believe a real TV company made it.

The next story comes from what I think is an American legal blog, JD Supra, and is a story about over-the-top seasonal decorations, including the wonderful story of a plumber who erected toilets on his roof and decorates these toilets with antlers at Christmas, with cupids on Valentine’s Day and with leprechauns on Patrick’s Day. Thankfully when the authorities tried to use legal means to have him remove his rooftop seasonal toilets, they failed. Unfortunately, the story isn’t accompanied by a picture, and Google Image Search isn’t helping me to find one either.

Japan’s Toilet of the Year is reported on in De Zeen Magazine. The toilets have translucent glass walls that appear to show what people are doing inside, but in fact have pre-filmed silhouettes of people on display.


The Crazy Toilet Cafe – picture from The Guardian

Finally today to Russia, where the Guardian reports on the Crazy Toilet Cafe in Moscow. This is an incredible toilet-themed restaurant, where all the furniture and crockery is toilet-themed. The customers sit on real toilets while they eat and drink from mini ceramic urinals. Somewhat more disturbingly, all the dishes are toilet-related too, as the Guardian says, the are “faecal inspired” and often come in brown, sludgy coils, be it whipped chocolate ice cream, or a thick brown soup. The restaurant’s general manager is quoted as saying, “It’s not everywhere you can eat good food from a toilet bowl and drink from a urinal at very reasonable prices.”


The Crazy Toilet Cafe – picture from the Guardian


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