A memorial eco-toilet, freeloading police officers, World Toilet Day, Sydney in Kolkata and a glory hole in Florida

Castle Cary cemetery in Somerset has a new toilet. The Western Gazette reports on the opening of the facility. Michael Eavis, the founder of the Glastonbury festival, who supervises the installation of 70,000 toilets every year at the festival, opened the facility, an eco-toilet for a cemetery which has no main drainage. Mr Eavis, who came to the November 1st opening wearing a pair of shorts said he “had a wee ready” as he waited to cut the ribbon.


Michael Eavis emerges from the new toilet after using it for the first time (pic from the Western Gazette)

The Times of India has a story about police officers getting caught travelling on a train without a ticket “yet again”.  Apparently, in the space of one month, 40 different police officers were caught hiding in the train toilets to avoid paying for tickets, in the Agra are alone!

India figures prominently in a report prepared for World Toilet Day (coming up on 19th November) relayed in the Malaysian Digest. “Unclean, unsafe and improper sanitation affects an estimated 2.5 billion, or one in three people worldwide; kills 1,000 children below five years daily and inflicts diseases on 88 per cent of the global population.” For more information have a look at the World Toilet Organisation and their work here.

India is working hard to tackle these problems, as I’ve reported here before. The Times of India runs a lot of stories about all the new toilets being built, but this is the first one that I’ve come across that actually describes what the new toilets are like. Kolkata city is taking pride in its new public toilets, one of which is in a Sydney Opera House themed building, another in a building the shape of a ship, and a third in the shape of a metro carriage. These new toilets are being kept clean, are carefully decorated and some even have their own gardens in front.


The Sydney Opera House public toilet building in Kolkata (pic from the Times of India)

Finally, a story from the Metro about a mysterious case in a Florida public toilet. Apparently, a “glory hole” appeared in the barrier between a cubicle and the urinals at a toilet at Treasure Shores Beach, and every time the authorities patch the hole up, it reappears. We finish with a glorious quote from the local sheriff: ‘Based on the location of where the hole was drilled, it is commonly used for male subjects to place their genitalia through it and have oral sex performed on them.’


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