iPhone drops, toilet apps and tinfoil toilets

We all know someone who has dropped their iPhone down the toilet. This young New Zealander dropped his phone down the loo and didn’t recover it, so he’s started a GoFundMe to raise $1000. He posed with a baby on his GoFundMe page, but not even a cute baby has worked and after a month, he still hasn’t raised a single cent.


The PooTime App – from iTunes

Do you use your iPhone on the toilet? If so, you might like the PooTime app, which allows you to time and to track the size and type of your bowel movements. You can share this info. If you want, and this led to the amazing five-star review: “My whole fraternity went viral with this app, so I guess that says a lot how much addictive it is.”

Vulcan Post has put together a list of five of the best toilet finder apps available. If tracking your poos isn’t bringing enough to your life, then one of the apps listed here has a urine colour checker too. Yay!


The tin foil toilet – from The Tab

Finally to the King’s College edition of The Tab, where students are apparently concerned that the campus toilets are being repaired with tin foil. First year English student Ruth Beddow told the Tab: “I think it’s quite an endearing addition to the loos. It kind of sums up King’s – there’s no sense to it, but at least they tried.”

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