Christmassy blocked sewers, cat poo and how to use a Japanese toilet

Stop flushing weird things, people. The Derby Telegraph reports that Severn Trent are asking people not to flush their Christmas presents down the toilet. Is this not obvious? The released details of strange items that were recovered from the sewers at Christmas, including motorbike parts, underwear and a pair of Muppet slippers. Stop it, people of Derby.


Underwear recovered from the sewers by Severn Trent – from the Derby Telegraph


I’ve noticed an increase in stories about cats using human toilets in the news recently, if you’re someone who follows these things. (I can’t be the only one.) The Lexington Herald Leader reports on an invention by Elizabeth Stone, “The Purrfect Potty”, a device that clamps onto a regular toilet seat and allows cats to poo there. To be honest, I find this more creepy than useful, but different strokes for different folks I guess.


A cat using the Purrfect Potty – from the Lexington Herald Leader


Finally today, an amazing video from a Japanese telecommunications company on how to use Japanese toilets. It shows you how to wipe yourself after squatting, how to position oneself when using a bidet jet and how to clean your smartphone. I enjoyed the video so much, I’ve watched it three times already.


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