A loaded gun in the House of Fraser toilets, new inclusive signage recommended and an insight into late-night women’s toilets

The Daily Star reports on a loaded gun that was discovered in the toilets in a House of Fraser in Birmingham. The gun was found in a toilet roll holder. The police have said that they do not suspect a terrorist link, but that doesn’t stop the Star from speculating anyway.


Pic from the Daily Star


PinkNews reports on a government-funded survey conducted by Sheffield Hallam University. It recommends an end to labelling toilets as “Gents” or “Ladies” and instead simply saying “Toilets with urinals” or “Toilets without urinals” to allow people to choose to go to a toilet that suits them without having to make a statement on their gender identity. Similarly, larger cubicles or spaces with disabled access toilets should be labelled “big toilets” so people without obvious or visible disabilities don’t feel as uncomfortable using them. The same study was reported on by the Daily Mail and various other tabloids, but they mainly raged about the amount that “taxpayers” paid for the study, so I went with Pink News instead.


And finally, a tweet from @CavillOdette with a video of a group of women in a pub toilets singing a song, being led by the toilet attendant, that appears to go “Freshen up your punani”.


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