Celebrity Big Brother in the toilet, how gender equality starts in the toilet and how to wee in Malaysia

CelebsNow reports on last night’s events in the UK Celebrity Big Brother house, where footballer Jamie O’Hara and glamour model Bianca Gascoigne couldn’t resist their mutual passions any longer and Bianca led Jamie to the toilets where the cameras couldn’t follow them. As the cameras cut away, Jamie could be heard saying “Mind my zip”. True love.


Bianca and Jamie – pic from CelebsNow (Rex/Shutterstock)


The Huffington Post Canada Blog has a very interesting piece focused on the work of the charity Water Aid in Madagascar. The piece argues that access to toilets and running water is essential to advancing equality for women, about one third of whom across the world do not have regular access to toilets. Firstly, if long journeys have to be undertaken by those doing domestic work (almost invariably women and girls) to find water, then they will not have the time to spend at school or doing paid work. Secondly, if schools do not have toilets, many girls around the world will finish their education as soon as they start to menstruate. Thirdly, women and girls who have to urinate and defecate in the open are faced with the threat of sexual harassment and rape. Water Aid claims, persuasively, that ending water poverty increases equality. To find out more about their work, click here.


And finally, a tweet from @ayeshakhalidah, with a photo of a sign from  public toilets in Malaysia.


Excellent advice from Malaysia – from @ayeshakhalidah on Twitter


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