Three surreal videos about toilets

All of today’s toilet news was very similar to toilet news I’ve already reported on, so here are three toilet-themed videos from YouTube.

Firstly, my favourite, a YouTube channel called Toilet Reviews, in which a robot voice sarcastically reviews public toilets. It’s hours of fun. Honest. This video is a review of the toilets in a Ralph’s in West Hollywood, which I enjoyed far more than I expected. The channel regularly updates and currently has reviews of 13 different toilets.


Secondly, from YouTube user Allan Bradley, there’s this oddly soothing video of a toilet just being a toilet. 


And finally, a mildly disturbing video from the Toilets of the World YouTube channel, where the filmmaker films public toilets from a very up-close and personal angle, including before and after pissing images. This is the video of the toilet in Bull Curry restaurant’s toilet in Suma Beach, Japan, one of eight toilets profiled so far in this video series.


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