A Christmas flasher, money for pooing indoors and civil servants driving to the toilet

Essex Live reports on the court appearance of a 31-year-old sales rep who had been enjoying his Christmas party by indulging in four pints of beer and half a gram of cocaine when he decided to go into the ladies’ toilets in the Beefeater where he was partying and take his clothes off, all besides an orange Christmas cracker crown on his head. The court heard that he tied his hands together and bent over so that his genitals wouldn’t be exposed. The man was fined five hundred pounds and ordered to do eighty hours of unpaid work.


Yesterday, I wrote about an initiative in one province of India, as part of the government’s campaign to end open defecation, where teachers would face disciplinary action or even lose their jobs if they were found to be defecating outside. InUth reports on a more positive effort in the district of Barmer, where authorities are offering villagers 2500 rupees per month to defecate indoors. More carrot and less stick.


An indoor toilet in the Barmer disctrict – from InUth


AllAfrica reports on civil servants at the Department of Social Development in Pienaar. Because of water shortages, workers have to drive 6 kilometres to a local shopping centre to go to the toilet. This has resulted in clients with urgent business being left to wait for extended periods of time while staff drive each other back and forth to the toilets.


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