Comfort toilets, gender-neutral toilets to get their day in the Supreme Court and an impractical urinal

One of the things I love about writing this blog is the amount of exposure I get to local newspapers. Today’s Reading Eagle includes an “Ask the Plumber” column about comfort toilets. The elderly and people of limited mobility sometimes have toilets installed that are a few inches taller and easier to sit on than typical toilets. The Reading Eagle’s resident plumber is pleased to inform you that no special piping is needed for these toilets.


Yahoo News reports that  the battle for access to appropriate toilets for transgender people is set to get its day in the US Supreme Court. The case of Gavin Grimm, who is a 17-year-old transgender man who wishes to be allowed to use the boys’ bathroom in his high school in Virginia. The case is set to be heard on March 28th.


Finally today, a photo of an impractical and uncomfortable-looking  public toilet from the “You Had One Job” Pinterest page.


Photo from Pinterest


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