Mario on the toilet, The Rock beside a toilet and a mother sent to the toilet

McDonalds UK are launching a new line of Happy Meal toys, including a Mario. According to an article in CogConnected, fans are fairly sure that this toy features Mario sitting on a toilet. I’m not really convinced, as whatever he’s sitting on is clearly made of bricks, but the article does pose the bewildering question “If he’s not on the toilet, then why is he waving?” Do you wave while pooing? I don’t.


The Mario toy in question – from CogConnected


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a photo of himself doing a chest workout on his Instagram and Men’s Health ran a story, not about his lifting technique, but about the fact that there was a toilet in the photo, right next to the squat rack. Apparently, his trainer uses it as a motivational tool. It’s a non-functioning toilet, but it says “If you’re working so hard that you have to vomit, you still shouldn’t leave the gym.” Yay – health?


From @The Rock on Instagram


The Sun ran a story about a new mother, who was in a Costa cafe in Huddersfield. She asked if there was any particular area of the cafe where she could breastfeed, and a male staff member told her she could do so in the toilets. The new mother went home embarrassed and told her mother, who complained on Costa’s official Facebook page, leading to every UK tabloid running the story the following day.


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