16 August 2017 in toilets |Stories from the UK, the TV and Germany

We start with two stories about sexual equality. The Telegraph reports on a change that Marks and Spencer supermarkets were forced to make after receiving accusations of sexism. The store toilets in their branch in Shoreham, Sussex, UK had a sign for the women’s that showed a woman with a small child, whereas the equivalent sign for the men’s, showed a man without a child. Angered customers complained that this implied that a woman’s place was with her children, while a man’s wasn’t. M&S have removed the offending signage.


The women’s toilet sign that was removed from M&S. Photo credit: Brighton Pictures/Sharon Sawyer


The BBC is reporting on moves in Berlin to bring greater equality to the city’s public toilets. A report from Berlin’s City Council on “the toilet concept” recommends more environmentally friendly and more trans friendly by making more public toilets open to both men and women and including urinals that can easily be used by both me and women. No design for such urinals is suggested, though the BBC story suggests a few.


The Mirror has a wonderfully over-the-top tabloid-y rage-piece on Minister for Health, Jeremy Hunt. Apparently (though there are conflicting reports), Hunt has had a private toilet and shower installed in his personal office. Among the things that anger the mirror is that the bathroom features “floor-to-ceiling tiles”, which isn’t the point I’d be focusing on. The cost of £44,000 does seem excessive though, especially as the building already has shared toilets and showers.


Finally, to the wonderful internet, where nothing isn’t written about. A Dr Who fan has written a piece on Season 10 of that show, outlining every reference to toilets made in the programme in that particular year. The Information Age is glorious.


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