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Trumpy Toilets, Floods of Sewage, a Condomberg and a Charity Toilet Sit-in

I don’t know why journalists are looking for new angles on Donald Trump. He’s providing more than enough to report on anyway. The Indian news site, http://www.inuth.com, nonetheless dug out an old story about the President elect working in his own Chicago hotel. The headline proclaims that he cleaned the toilets. Unfortunately, the only picture they provide is one of him cleaning a sink.


Trump in rubber gloves – from inuth.com


In an “informal settlement” in Capetown, South Africa, News 24 reports that residents’ homes are being flooded by overflowing communal toilets.  The local council has spent a week trying to clear the blockage and have been unsuccessful. Locals say that the toilets are getting blocked more often due to the lack of sufficient toilet facilities for the population. People are also using the toilets to get rid of domestic and food waste.


The flooded toilets in Cape Town – by Ashraf Hendricks on GroundUp


English authorities also struggle with people flushing things they shouldn’t. The Sun is reporting on Anglia Water’s problems removing a 21-tonne “fatberg” from the sewers in Lincoln, which has also been christened a “Johnnyberg” because one of the items (along with wet wipes, tampons and fat) that blocks up the sewers is condoms. Stop flushing condoms, you guys.


The  Lincoln Johnnyberg that took a week to clear – from The Sun


Finally today, a charity event in Idaho that I don’t really understand, where students will be sponsored to sit on toilets for poor and homeless families.

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 00.10.56.png

From the Idaho Press