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A mortified mum, a charitable friend and some toilet-wrecking hooligans

My toilet blog is back! Boy how I’ve missed reading local newspaper accounts of borough council meetings about whether or not to charge for access to toilets in a small town I’ve never been to and headlines with awful toilet-based puns like “loodicrous”.

The first story today is a very local news story, told in a breathless tone in the Stoke Sentinel about toilets in a park being locked “on the hottest day of the year!” Marie Poole brought her three children to the park and was apparently “mortified” to discover the toilets were closed, especially on such a hot day. She phoned the council to complain and told the Sentinel, “You’ve got to be careful about going in bushes these days.”


Marie Poole, looking sad with two of her children – pic from the Stoke Sentinel


Northglen News is running a story about a very worthy cause in Durban, South Africa, where Claire de Sylva visited a friend in the countryside and had to use her drop toilet (a hole in the ground). On realising the poor access that so many people had to sanitation, Claire started Project Loo Durban and raised enough money for her friend to afford a toilet and now wants the organisation to continue raising funds to allow the whole community to benefit.


Claire de Sylva, posing with a toilet seat around her waist – pic from Northglen News


Finally, the Evening Express reports that Aberdeen Football Club is to send a bill for repairs to Glasgow Rangers, after Rangers fans damaged over 100 seats in their stadium, as well as the ceiling of a toilet. The police are also investigating the damage. The story doesn’t say what Rangers’ reaction to the news was.


The toilet in question – pic from the Famous Aberdeen Facebook page


Swiss cinema toilets, overflowing train toilets, Steven Gerrard and a regressive petition

In Zurich, you can go to the toilet while at the cinema while not missing any of the movie. There are screens set into the bathroom floors in front of the toilets so you don’t have to miss a minute while you poo!


Cinema toilets – photo from 9GAG


The Pune Mirror reports on what sounds like a horrendous train journey where travellers had to go from Pune to Chandrigarh (1853 kms) with a toilet that was overflowing so badly that urine was flowing across the floor of the toilets. Apparently, the problem arose because of passengers trying to flush all kinds of rubbish down the toilets and no action was taken by railway staff to remedy the problem for the whole journey.


The urine-covered floor of the train – from the Pune Mirror


I know nothing about football. Like nothing. But The Sun reports that Steven Gerrard could possibly be named Liverpool manager, a remarkable piece of progress considering he started out cleaning the club’s staff toilets. I can’t find any corroborating evidence for this elsewhere – Wikipedia says that he started out as a youth player, but who am I to question The Sun? Steven Gerrard started out as a humble toilet cleaner.


A petition to ban gender-neutral toilets in schools in the UK claims that boys and girls in schools with gender-neutral toilets are afraid to use them and that it’s becoming a health issue. The petition only has 528 signatures, and it needs 10,000 in order to bring about a government response, so it’s unlikely to go anywhere, which is good.


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A not-really-open-defecation-free district, Celtic and Rangers go to the loo, used toilet roll postage and a poetic toilet

As India’s campaign to end open defecation rolls on, The Indian Express reports that not all the reported successes of the programme have achieved what they claim to have. In a story about the district of Dhamtari, which the regional government has declared to be “open-defecation-free” or ODF, the reality doesn’t exactly reflect the official status. The story details a school playground that is full of little brown smelly mounds when the children arrive every morning because it’s where locals go to defecate at night. There is also a description of the newly installed toilets, most of which do not have water tanks and which must be cleared by hand. The report mentions one toilet bowl that has been filled with cement and many which are nowhere near pipes. One farmer said that his toilet is the room where he dries his crops as there’s nothing else he can do with the room. This campaign has a long way to go.


A man from Dhamtari standing in front of the pond he uses as a toilet – from the Indian Express


Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers’ rivalry is legendary. In September this extended to Rangers’ fans damaging the toilets in Celtic’s Parkhead stadium after they were defeated by five goals to one. The Scottish Sun reports that some Celtic fans decided to get lighthearted and fragrant revenge by lighting green and white scented candles in the toilets in Rangers’ Ibrox stadium at the New Year’s Eve derby match between the two teams. Aww!


Toilet candles in Ibrox stadium – from the Scottish Sun


Another sports story now, this time a gross one, involving a cricket commentator and a football commentator. The Mirror carries a story about Jonathan Agnew, who commentates on cricket for the BBC. He has been awarded an MBE and he tweeted, “Can I ask the charming individual who for 10 years has sent me a soiled piece of toilet paper every Test now address the envelope correctly?” Apparently, he’s been getting dirty toilet paper in the post for over 10 years. On seeing the tweet, football commentator, Gary Lineker tweeted back, “Let me guess; sent from a Bath postcode?” Somebody out there is posting their used toilet roll to BBC sports personalities, weekly, for years on end. Take comfort in how normal you are by comparison.


Finally today, an important tweet from @xssyharvey.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 18.28.18.png


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Toilets of the World, female builders and football fans


A public toilet in Beijing – from Reuters

If you only read one story today, make it this photo story from Reuters “Around the World in 45 Toilets”. The photos are incredible, from the disgusting facilities that refugees and asylum seekers have to use, to the pit latrines common all around the world, to the works of art that the Japanese poo in, these photos are worth it.


An open toilet in Chhattisgarh, India – from Reuters

The Australian ABC News site reports on the plight of female construction workers, who are often not provided with toilet facilities at sites and on projects, including a story about a site where the toilet had no walls and the female builder on site used her lunch break to drive to a shop to use the toilets. While the trade union didn’t object to unisex toilet facilities, construction companies are claiming that toilets are unisex when they don’t provide for the sanitary disposal of tampons.


Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, the authorities are so worried about fan violence in the upcoming World Cup football qualifier between China and Hong Kong that the fans are being given separate toilets at the stadium so that they never come into contact with each other. According to Yahoo Sports, “tensions between fans were further fuelled this year when the Chinese Football Association released a much-criticised, racially charged poster describing Hong Kong’s players as “black-skinned, yellow-skinned and white-skinned”.”

Finally, remember that it’s only two days to World Toilet Day, November 19th!