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Toilets of the World, female builders and football fans


A public toilet in Beijing – from Reuters

If you only read one story today, make it this photo story from Reuters “Around the World in 45 Toilets”. The photos are incredible, from the disgusting facilities that refugees and asylum seekers have to use, to the pit latrines common all around the world, to the works of art that the Japanese poo in, these photos are worth it.


An open toilet in Chhattisgarh, India – from Reuters

The Australian ABC News site reports on the plight of female construction workers, who are often not provided with toilet facilities at sites and on projects, including a story about a site where the toilet had no walls and the female builder on site used her lunch break to drive to a shop to use the toilets. While the trade union didn’t object to unisex toilet facilities, construction companies are claiming that toilets are unisex when they don’t provide for the sanitary disposal of tampons.


Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, the authorities are so worried about fan violence in the upcoming World Cup football qualifier between China and Hong Kong that the fans are being given separate toilets at the stadium so that they never come into contact with each other. According to Yahoo Sports, “tensions between fans were further fuelled this year when the Chinese Football Association released a much-criticised, racially charged poster describing Hong Kong’s players as “black-skinned, yellow-skinned and white-skinned”.”

Finally, remember that it’s only two days to World Toilet Day, November 19th!


Salty flushes, flushed teddies, broken football toilets, parliamentary gender-neutral toilets and CG toilets

I have to admit that I’ve never read anything from Chemical and Engineering News before. But this blog is opening up whole new worlds for me. C&EN reports on a study from Hong Kong where 80% of toilets are flushed using seawater. It had long been thought that this was bad for the the marine environment because it involved the treatment of seawater with chlorine and other disinfecting agents. The study reported on here, however, found that the saltwater effluent was less damaging to the marine environment than freshwater effluent would be. It’s only one study, but saltwater flushing could be part of the future.

Bruce the sewer monster and other toys from Southern Water's Peacehaven treatment works

Toys that have been fished out of the sewers, along with “Bruce the Sewer Monster” – pic from the Southern Daily Echo

In the South of England, Southern Water have released details of things that have been found in the sewers, having been flushed down the toilet. The Southern Daily Echo reports on items that include sex toys, false teeth, dead pets and teddy bears, which have all been found in sewers under Hampshire. Apparently, we should restrict what we flush to the three Ps – pee, poo and paper.


The damaged toilets in Arsenal’s stadium – picture from The Mirror

The Mirror reports from Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, where Tottenham Hotspur fans are apparently boasting on social media about vandalising the stadium toilets. This comes after previous vandalism in Spurs’s White Hart Lane Stadium where Arsenal fans tore down a sign.

As has I’ve written about before, public toilets are one of the main battle grounds in the transgender movement’s fight for rights. Breitbart reports on a change in the UK House of Commons, where the installation of a gender-neutral bathroom is being considered favourably by the Speaker of the House, John Bercow. This is part of a broader strategy to make the House of Commons a less masculinised institution, which could see changes to the design and decoration of the interior of the building, the make-up of committees and ceremonial dress.

Gamereactor has put together a list of the top 5 toilets in the big new game of the moment, Fallout 4.


One of the best 5 toilets in Fallout 4 – pic from Gamereactor