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Drunk Katie Price,why covering a toilet seat with toilet paper is pointless and All I Want For Christmas Is A Loo, Baby!

The Sun reports that an insulation firm were disappointed when they booked Katie Price and Dane Bowers to appear at their company Christmas party. Katie Price was paid £13,000 to come to the party, but the boss now wants his money back. Apparently, Katie arrived at the party in an advanced state of intoxication. She was rude and abusive to various party guests. She then made her way to the ladies’ toilets where she stripped down to a thong and knee-high boots. The Sun has video of this on their website. They don’t report on whether Dane Bowers got up to any hijinks. They do, however, include the wonderfully gross detail that Katie also blew her nose on a tablecloth at the party.


In an article about the futility of everything, 22 Words reports that there is no point in covering a toilet seat in a public convenience with toilet paper before you sit down, because your skin is a fine barrier against bacteria, and even if it wasn’t, toilet paper in a public bathroom will have the same, or probably more fecal bacteria than a toilet seat, as will basically everything else in the room. You might as well just give up and live in filth.


from 22Words


And finally, a wonderful charity campaign video, made by mychangingplace.co.uk, advocating for more businesses and public buildings to instal truly accessible toilets with a hoist and bench for those in need, using a song based on Mariah Carey’s incomparable Christmas hit of all hits.


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