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9th August 2017 in toilets | Stories from India, Australia and the UK

We start today with two stories showing two different sides of the Prime Minister Modi’s Clean India campaign to make the nation Open Defecation Free. Firstly, with a story from the Indian Express about a movie star, Akshay Kumar, who has lent his name to the campaign. He is travelling around India, recording his journey on Instagram and unveiling 24 new toilets in 24 hours on his Instagram story. It all appears to be part of the promotion for his latest movie, a film called Toilet, which appears to be a love story. I don’t know whether the film is pro-sanitation propaganda or not, but this news story is definitely pro-government.


The negative side of the Indian government’s campaign to end open defecation is reported in First Post in a story about the village of Rekhasundar in Bihar, where villagers built toilets in their houses on the promise of receiving a government grant. Nine months later, the money hasn’t materialised and so the villagers took the dramatic step of demolishing their new toilets on Saturday morning. As one villager said, “Some of us took loans. My neighbour bought bricks and cement on credit. Now lenders and shopkeepers are pressing us to return their dues. When we go to block officer, we are sent back with promises. How long can we wait? At least we can sell the bricks after destroying it.”


A villager standing by a newly-demolished toilet – photo from Firstpost, credited to Alok Kumar/Prafull Kumar


Now to McDonalds in Liverpool in the UK, where a naked man was spotted injecting drugs into his testicles outside the toilet door. A female customer who witnessed it was traumatised. According to the Cambridge News, she was in McDonalds for a morning cup of tea before work and after she saw the man lift his testicles and make strange noises while injecting himself, she ran into the ladies’ toilets and couldn’t stop crying. McDonald’s staff, who were probably panicking made the odd decision to lock the man in the gents’ toilets until the police came.


Finally, a reality TV story, where news.com.au has reported on an interview with recently evicted Survivor Australia. According to evictee Mark ‘Tarzan’ Herlaar, the toilet provisions on the island were not good. In fact, he said of his fellow contestants that “most of them didn’t shit for three or four days. It’s actually not high on your priority list, going to the bathroom.” TV is weird. I can’t even imagine a situation that would make me forget about pooing for four days.


Mario on the toilet, The Rock beside a toilet and a mother sent to the toilet

McDonalds UK are launching a new line of Happy Meal toys, including a Mario. According to an article in CogConnected, fans are fairly sure that this toy features Mario sitting on a toilet. I’m not really convinced, as whatever he’s sitting on is clearly made of bricks, but the article does pose the bewildering question “If he’s not on the toilet, then why is he waving?” Do you wave while pooing? I don’t.


The Mario toy in question – from CogConnected


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a photo of himself doing a chest workout on his Instagram and Men’s Health ran a story, not about his lifting technique, but about the fact that there was a toilet in the photo, right next to the squat rack. Apparently, his trainer uses it as a motivational tool. It’s a non-functioning toilet, but it says “If you’re working so hard that you have to vomit, you still shouldn’t leave the gym.” Yay – health?


From @The Rock on Instagram


The Sun ran a story about a new mother, who was in a Costa cafe in Huddersfield. She asked if there was any particular area of the cafe where she could breastfeed, and a male staff member told her she could do so in the toilets. The new mother went home embarrassed and told her mother, who complained on Costa’s official Facebook page, leading to every UK tabloid running the story the following day.


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Catching a snake in a toilet, odour chimneys and a miserable Christmas

We start with the National Geographic, which this week shared a video of a snake in Thailand being caught in a toilet. This is the second time this year that a video of a snake being extracted from a toilet in Thailand has made the international news. Watch your bums, folks!

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 00.43.11.png

Catching the oriental rat snake – from National Geographic

Watch the whole video here.


TV New Zealand reports on a problem for tourists and locals along the Whanganui River. Sailing along the river is a popular summer activity for Kiwis and travellers alike, but when they are taken short, they sometimes avoid using the “long drop” toilets provided by the tourism authorities because of the noxious smelling toilets and they end up defecating in the open on the banks of the river. To end this problem and to try to encourage people to use the long-drop toilets, the public authorities have updated the facilities by adding “odour chimneys” to allow the poo smell to float away on the wind.

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 00.30.36.png

The toilets with odour chimneys – from TVNZ


And finally, a sad Christmas for one homeless man in Scotland, who The Evening Telegraph reports was arrested for injecting heroin in full view of the public in McDonalds in Dundee on Christmas Eve. He was arrested and pled guilty. His sentencing was postponed until January 25th.

Japanese toilet paper, Indian urinals, Nando’s and a baptist church, Danger in McDonalds, awful Instagrammers and a baby kangaroo

We start with a picture tweeted by Joel Hensley of toilet paper for old people in Japan, which has been printed with warnings about scammers and criminals.


Japanese toilet paper – from @gryphtor on Twitter


This story from the Times of India outlines the shortage of women’s toilets in Pune, including the installation of new mobile toilets with panic buttons. It’s easy to get angry that toilets are still such dangerous places for so many women. (More on that below.)

The new toilets aim to address the following problem:

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 12.21.45.png

From the Times of India

(lakh = 100,000)

I don’t quite understand what a urinal is in India.


In other Indian news, @DGNewsClips on Twitter reports that thousands of new toilets have been announced in New Delhi, in a “toilet inauguration spree”. I like the idea of a toilet inauguration spree. I only ever heard of “shopping sprees” and “killing sprees” before.  I like the idea of politicians rushing from toilet to toilet inaugurating with gay abandon.


In the first of two stories about UK councils’ public toilets, Oxford won a prize for the best toilets in the UK. I’m only including this story for the amazing photo in the Oxford Mail of the council staff receiving the award. Look at all those men and how bad they are at smiling.

Toilet Awards.JPG.gallery.jpg

From the Oxford Mail


Also in the UK, Camden Council in London are closing public toilets and replacing them by paying local businesses to allow the public to use their toilets. According the Ham and High, the council is saving money by closing three public toilets and paying 12 businesses £750 each to let the public in. The council will also advertise for these businesses. In the name of providing a public service, the council are now paying NANDO’S and a Baptist Church to let people pee. Nando’s. And a church.


Another case of women being infringed on in toilets in the Ipswich Star, where it is reported that a man was convicted of helping his colleague, called “Danger”, to install a camera in women’s toilets in McDonald’s where they were working. His lawyer insisted that he only did so because of the threats from Danger and not for his own sexual gratification, which is the reason it was treated as a minor offence. He’s been banned from every McDonalds in the UK, and given a 12-month community order, as well as 150 hours of unpaid work and a fine.


People find lots of ways to be awful. “Rich Kids of UK” on Instagram posted this photo. Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 14.17.13.png


And finally, we turn to toilet roll, children and animals. This DIY/parenting blog suggests toddler-proofing toilet paper with an elastic band.

And then there’s this video of a baby kangaroo discovering the joys of toilet roll.