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Worm-infested toilets, a Chinese Michael Jackson and a toilet roll rip-off

Lisette Goaxas, a resident of the settlement of Fransfontien in Namibia has been speaking to New Era to complain about the state of the village’s toilets. The villagers use bucket toilets, which are apparently infested with worms, as the contractor does not empty them often enough. She also claims that the contractor empties the toilets at meal times, rather than early in the morning. Local residents are frustrated, as they believe that no new toilets will be built for years, as changes don’t happen after elections, but during campaigns.


A 54-year-old cleaner in a Chinese music school watched a group of elderly women performing a vigorous dance routine to Michael Jackson. He was inspired to follow suit and so he started practising in the men’s toilets that he cleaned every day. The video of him performing his routine in the gents’ has, according to GB Times, made him into an internet star.


And finally, controversy for Tesco, as angry customers claim that they’re saving money on their own-brand Luxury Soft White Toilet Paper, be making the cardboard inserts and thus, providing less paper on each roll. The Metro reports that Tesco deny these claims and say that the weight of each toilet roll is unchanged and the controversy has been caused by “deceptive packaging”. Decide for yourself!


An old pack of toilet roll (left) compared with the newer rolls (right) – pic from The Metro, credited to SWNS


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Welsh train toilets, Bieber Toilet Fever, Namibian Schools and Animals Attack from the Bowl

The Tenby Observer is proud to report that trains across Wales run by the Arriva Trains network are now trialling toilet walls that feature a large colourful image of Tenby Harbour. The train company wanted to brighten up the cubicles using vinyl images and Tenby was the one that was chosen. In one of those sentences that always makes you feel sorry for people working in PR, the train company’s spokesperson said “We’ve had some great feedback from the trial project over Twitter.”

Tenby train toilet

A Welsh train toilet featuring Tenby Harbour – from the Tenby Observer

Meanwhile, at the BBC Radio One studios in London, Justin Bieber caused a panic when he pulled the “Do Not Pull” cord in a disabled toilet. The Mirror reports that “Once the alarm sounded security had to check it out. Bieber said he pulled it because it said not to. It was an odd thing to do.” Indeed.

The Namibian reports on an upsetting speech from the Minister for Education, Arts and Culture, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa which said that only about 29% of schools have flush toilets, while 58% have pit latrines. In the remaining 12% of schools, students and teachers have to use the Bush. Fewer than half of the schools have soap in the toilets. The minister said that education cannot improve unless health care improves and therefore that good sanitation is essential to a good education.


A snake in a toilet – from Slate

We end with a truly terrifying story (for me at least). Slate ran this report in the wake of two snakes found in different Australian toilets in September. The report starts with the a man in Israel who was bitten on his penis by a snake that emerged from the toilet he was sitting on. Luckily, his injuries were minor. As well as snakes, the story covers the many occurrences of rats appearing from toilets, and even biting people on the bum while they were sitting on the toilet. Rats coming up from the sewers through toilets are common enough in one area of Seattle that the local government has issued guidance on what to do when you see a rat coming up from your toilet. I’m clenching up at the very thought. There’s even a story of a squirrel being rescued from a toilet. Writing this blog is affecting me in ways I didn’t think possible.