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No space loo, how to find the cleanest toilet and modelling at urinals

According to Popular Mechanics, we won’t be getting to use space toilets any time soon. Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’s company, which plans to offer private individuals the chance to go to space, are not planning to put toilets on their rockets that will bring paying passengers to space, six at a time. The total flight time will be between 41 and 42 minutes, so Jeff says we’ll be able to hold it in.


How do you choose the cleanest toilet in a row of cubicles? Don’t go for the middle one! Apparently, when humans are faced with a choice between equal options, they tend to choose the middle one. The Sun is reporting on research that shows that the middle toilet tends to be the most used, but the toilets on the edges vary according to gender. Men tend to use the one nearest the door, while women tend to use the one furthest away. For this reason, the cleanest men’s cubicle is likely to be the one furthest from the door and the cleanest women’s cubicle is likely to be the one nearest.


Finally, to Sao Paulo Fashion Week, where Out reports on a male fashion shoot at some urinals. Enjoy.


Sao Paulo Fashion Week – pic from Out.com


A loo coup, a burning toilet, green room toilets and a space loo


Female parliamentarians protest while holding hair dryers and hair straighteners. (Pic from the Sydney Morning Herald)

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the so-called “Loo Coup” in the New South Wales parliament. Female parliamentarians are protesting the poor toilet facilities for women. Men have three showers on each floor, while women have one in the whole building and in the parliamentary gym (imagine a parliamentary gym! Imagine it!), the men’s facilities are described as palatial, while the women have a little dingy room with one sink. The male legislative council president said he was sympathetic, but building decent bathrooms for the women would cost $500,000, so it looks unlikely to happen.

The Marion Star carries a sad and bizarre story from Marion, Ohio. A three-year-old boy pushed his two-year-old brother’s head into the toilet while they were playing and flushed. The boy was burned by the water which was 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius). The little boy is being treated in hospital. It transpired that the toilet had been hooked up to the home’s water heater and the landlord is now being investigated by the police.

Also in Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch reports on the green room facilities provided to Republican presidential primary candidates as they prepared for the candidates’ debate. Candidates were assigned green rooms according to the proportion of the vote they are currently getting in polls, so Donald Trump’s team got a conference room and Marco Rubio got a theatre, as they’re both polling well, but Chris Christie and Rand Paul, both of whom are polling very poorly were assigned bathrooms in which to prepare. No one loves a loser.


Trump’s green room on the left; Paul’s on the right. (Picture from @lacivitac on Twitter)

And finally to the International Space Station, where astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti gave a YouTube tour of the toilets in space. The toilet doesn’t look very toilet-y. But what freaks me out a little is the suction aspect. Because of the lack of gravity, suction is applied when you pee into a tube. The idea of pee being sucked out of me entirely freaks me out.