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18 June 2017 in Toilets | Stories from Ireland, South Africa, Sweden, China and from the air

We’re starting in my native land of Ireland, where the small tourist town of Dingle has installed public toilets for dogs. Beat 102-103 FM reports that a number of these toilets have sprung up around the town over the last week.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 19.26.20.png

A dog posing for a publicity shot at one of the new doggy loos in Dingle. Photo from the Dingle Tidy Towns Facebook page


The BBC is reporting on a town in Sweden that is considering playing music in school toilet block. This is to help students who are too afraid to use the toilets for fear of being heard. Apparently, students are afraid of being overheard peeing as well as pooing and some are avoiding going to the toilet all day long as a result.

I always thought of Nordic people as unafraid of their own bodies. That’ll teach me to stereotype.


A temporary settlement in South Africa is requesting its long-drop toilets back. Northglen News is reporting that the settlement’s plumbed in toilets are blocked and the resulting flood means that the residents have to deal with raw sewage swimming about. Also the fact that all water comes from the same source, it means that residents can’t have showers. Modernisation without investment in services would appear to be useless.


A strange story from the South China Morning Post, where the problem of truancy at Wuhan International Culture University, is being tackled with new punishments. Male students who skip classes are being punished by being made to clean the female dorms and women’s bathrooms and the female students who skip classes are being made to clean the men’s dorms and toilets. I don’t understand the gender-swapping. Is it meant to be more humiliating? Anyway, apparently this new policy is proving to be effective and students are no longer staying at home playing computer games instead of going to lectures.


Finally, to the airways, where a story on Australia’s 97.3 FM reports that flight attendants, when forced to clean a little airplane toilet after a particularly smelly poo, will brew a pot of coffee and throw the coffee down the toilet before cleaning in order to neutralise the smell. Something to try at home?


A sleepy fan, an economist’s bladder, responsible protestors and toilets filled with interesting ideas

A team of firefighters were called to Barnsley FC when an alarm was activated by a man standing on the roof of a portakabin at the grounds on Saturday. The Daily Star reports that the man had fallen asleep on the toilets at half time. He had had “a few beers” and woke up seven hours after the match ended (Barnsley lost) and found the entire stadium locked up and in darkness. He climbed on top of a portakabin to seek help and found that he couldn’t get down. The Star interviewed a firefighter who said, “He had no shoes on and had lost his mobile phone and his hat. He was more bothered about his hat though. He seemed a smartly dressed lad.”

The Bangor Daily News (Bangor in Maine, not Bangor in Wales or Bangor in Northern Ireland) ran this blogpost by a retired economist who is infuriated by the lack of public toilet facilities in Maine now that his bladder is ageing. He posits that the new state motto should be “Maine – Just hold it!” He goes on to list various day trip destinations from Bangor and ranks them according to the quality and/or presence of their toilet facilities. He only gives the I-95 southbound on Newport an F. Apparently you would need to a trained guide to find a toilet there. On the other hand, he gives Schoodic Point an A grade, claiming that the toilet facility there “makes winter visits a treat for locals and tourists alike”, which is wonderful, but seems like an exaggerated importance on the value of toilets, and that’s coming from an actual toilet blogger.


Portable toilet on fire at the Fees Must Fall protest. (Picture from eNCA)

eNCA reports on students from South Africa, who are currently holding the largest protests in the country since the end of Apartheid in 1994. According to this report the student campaign “Fees must fall” has been remarkable for being so peaceful, in spite of its size. The writer of the story is impressed with the behaviour of the student protestors, who have been seen cleaning up after their protests and even organising study groups during the protests. When some portable toilets were damaged in one of the protests, some of the students even started a campaign to fundraise to pay for the damage done to the toilets, which you can donate to here.

Finally today, we look to that always satisfying source of toilet-related news, Japan, where the Japan News reports on the winner of the Japanese Toilet Grand Prix, which is run by the national government and apparently rewards “toilets filled with interesting ideas”.  The winning toilet was at Shinseiwadai Kindergarten in Kawanishi, Hyogo Prefecture, where, according to the article “small children frolicked with delight”. The toilet “features an objet d’art in the shape of an apple tree about one meter in diameter. Its branches stretch up to the ceiling, where a blue sky has been drawn. When the kindergartners enter the space, a sensor activates a cat, elephant and giraffe and music begins playing.” I have added it to my must-see list of toilets.


The winning kindergarten toilet (Picture from the Japan News).