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16 July 2017 in toilets| Stories from the Uk, Canada and the air

Let’s start with the child capitalist, who The Evening Standard are reporting has built a “tuck-shop empire”, turning over £25,000 a year from selling sweets in the school toilets. He started at the age of 12 and wasn’t caught by teachers until he was 15. The so-called “Wolf of Walthamstow” advertised his wares and took orders over Snapchat.


Still in the UK, and a story about a scam I think I was a victim of. Purple Wifi, which is a company that provides free public wifi in a variety of businesses including Pizza Express, inserted a clause into their terms and conditions stating that in return for the use of the wifi, the customer would perform community service, including cleaning toilets at festivals and unclogging sewage blockages. The Guardian reports that Purple Wifi engaged in this stunt in order to illustrate lack of awareness of what the terms and conditions of public wifi are. To be honest, it didn’t work. I’m still not going to read them.


In another story that rubbed me up the wrong way, an airplane passenger filmed a female passenger and a male passenger exiting a toilet, clearly having spent time there together. The Metro reports that the video, when posted online, went viral because the man had such a smug grin after the toilet encounter. And it’s true that he does look incredibly pleased with himself. The bit of the story I don’t like, is that Virgin Atlantic posted the video to their own Facebook page after it became viral and boasted about their great mood lighting. Don’t do that, Virgin. Don’t.


Finally, did you know that there are other toilet bloggers? There are! And this guy was in The Toronto Star this week, where a video story about him told the story of his Instagram “toilography” page, where he documents weird and wonderful toilets and toilet-themed museums, restaurants and cafes.