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Spray, don’t wipe; no toilet, no wedding; and a church toilet for all

The first story today isn’t really news, but I enjoyed it, so here we are. Global Indonesian Voices includes a story today about why Indonesians just don’t like pooing in Europe or America because there is no sprayer attached to the loo and they are expected to use “dry toilet paper to clean away fecal matter”, which apparently grosses them out and doesn’t leave them feeling clean.

The story discusses different traditions around arse-cleaning, and in one of my favourite paragraphs I’ve ever read, explains the differences’ source in weather and history. “As human are creatures of habit, a habit that had been embedded for eons will be definitely hard to change—the using of water for Indonesians is deeply ingrained.It’s very unlikely for the Northerners to bring their bottom down into the icy water. The Southerners, on the other hand, could enjoy indulging themselves to the feel of flowing water brushed against the glutes.”

Brush your glutes with flowing water today, go on. Live a little.


The campaign to end open defecation in India won religious support this weekend. The Times of India reports that maulvis and muftis (muslim officials) in the provinces of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab will now refuse to solemnise marriages in houses with no toilet. Reading about this necessary campaign day after day does make me feel sorry for communities who have change inflicted on them like this. There seems to be a lot more stick than carrot involved in India’s great toilet revolution.


And finally, to Liverpool, where The Echo is reporting on a church renovation. The Anglican St Brides apparently prides itself on its inclusivity and welcomes LGBTQIA members. To this end, the new “unisex toilets will ensure inclusivity for visitors of all abilities and gender identities”.


The planned exterior of St. Bride’s Church – photo from The Liverpool Echo


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Christmassy blocked sewers, cat poo and how to use a Japanese toilet

Stop flushing weird things, people. The Derby Telegraph reports that Severn Trent are asking people not to flush their Christmas presents down the toilet. Is this not obvious? The released details of strange items that were recovered from the sewers at Christmas, including motorbike parts, underwear and a pair of Muppet slippers. Stop it, people of Derby.


Underwear recovered from the sewers by Severn Trent – from the Derby Telegraph


I’ve noticed an increase in stories about cats using human toilets in the news recently, if you’re someone who follows these things. (I can’t be the only one.) The Lexington Herald Leader reports on an invention by Elizabeth Stone, “The Purrfect Potty”, a device that clamps onto a regular toilet seat and allows cats to poo there. To be honest, I find this more creepy than useful, but different strokes for different folks I guess.


A cat using the Purrfect Potty – from the Lexington Herald Leader


Finally today, an amazing video from a Japanese telecommunications company on how to use Japanese toilets. It shows you how to wipe yourself after squatting, how to position oneself when using a bidet jet and how to clean your smartphone. I enjoyed the video so much, I’ve watched it three times already.


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